Election Commission of India Planning To Exclude Non Resident Indians (NRIs) Living In Gulf Countries From Electronically Transmitted Postal Ballot System (ETBPS) — Why It Would Be Bad In Law & Policy

By — Avani Bansal and Neha Bhupathiraju

PC : Parker Johnson

On November 27, 2020 the Election Commission (hereinafter, EC) wrote to…

[A Blueprint For Fulfilling Your Constitutional Duties]

How does our government have the arrogance to pass Farmers Laws that affects 60 percent of India’s population, without any need for consultation and more surprisingly, without any voting in the Parliament, in violation of all set conventions, on the basis of sheer…

Avani Bansal

Advocate, Supreme Court of India I Aum - University of Oxford & Harvard Law School I 'Hamara Samvidhan' @thewire I Founder - The Womb (thewomb.in)

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